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Medve Package
Everything from private consultation to specialties all in one place. Over 32 synchronized specialties with in-hous labwork. Peridontal disorder treatment – Aesthetic Dental replacement – Dental suspension treatments. Coronary disease? Hipertonia? Heart attack? Medve Medical yearly pass
Private Consultation Private Consultation

Our Private practice consultations provide high quality services without any waiting time in tastefully furnished and well equipped clinics. The private consult is completely tailored to the patient’s needs.

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Dentistry Dentistry

Periodontal disease treatment, creating aesthetic and tooth-friendly bridges and crowns, implant dentures, removable dentures, tooth restoration, teeth whitening all with the latest dental technology.

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Cardiology Cardiology

Are you suffering from cardiovascular disease? Cardiac screening, risk factor and vascular status assessment. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of cardiac ECG, echocardiography, exercise ECG without having to wait in line!

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Specialities Specialities

32 kinds of specialty treatments with in-house labwork all in one place for your comfort and fastest recuperation all in the heart of Budapest 2nd district. Fast diagnosis, treatment and prescription for fast recovery.

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Nagyon jó volt – és mint kiderült, életet mentett -, amikor a háziorvosom, Galla doktornő azonnal tudta értesíteni az urológust. Ugyanis nagyon gyorsan volt szükségem hólyagtükrözésre, és kiderült: kezdeti stádiumban lévő hólyag rákom volt, amit köszönhetően a gyors ellátásnak, 3 napra rá meg is operáltak. Állami ellátás keretében valószínűleg már meghaltam volna, de itt szerencsére időben felismerték és kezelték a betegséget!

- Egy urológust hirtelen lehetett mozgósítani

Medve Medical Health Center for your fast recovery!

In our Medve Medical Health Centre you can choose from 32 different kinds of specialties and our exams are performed with state-of-the-art equiment. Our professionals work for are well-known and respected institutions as doctors and assitants, are highly trained and have several  years of experience. Our doctors base the client diagnosis using extreme thoroughness and attention. The patient does not have to wait for hours, or to take a leave of absence from work to get medical attention: they arrive for the given appointment thus the frustrating time spent standing in line is replaced by effective specialized care. Our patients are diagnosed quickly and if needed receive the required treatment, care or prescription.

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